EMPA Media Technology

Former members of the Laboratory for Media Technology

Klaus Simon (Prof)

Klaus studied Information Technology at the University of Saarland where, in 1987, he received his PhD in efficient data structures and algorithms. Until 1988 he was working as an R&D engineer at the Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik GmbH with Perkin Elmer. In 1988 he joined the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) as a senior research associate where he was appointed assistent Professor in 1992. Since 1999 he is leading the media technology department at EMPA where he is devoted to efficient algorithms, probabilistic theory, image processing and teaching.


Klaus Simon

Peter Zolliker (PhD)

Peter studied Physics at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) and received his PhD in Crystallography from the University of Geneva in 1987. After his postdoc position at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, he joined the R&D team at Gretag Imaging in 1988 where he worked on image analysis, image quality as well as color management for digital and analogue printers. Since 2003 he is working at EMPA Dübendorf where he is engaged in color management and statistical analysis.


List of publications

Peter Zolliker

Iris Sprow (BSc Imaging and Photographic Technology RIT)

Iris received her BSc in Imaging and Photographic Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005. Originally trained as a photographer, she is currently involved with the visual evaluation of images. In 2009 she received her MSc from the University of the Arts London for her work in the area of online psychovisual testing.

Furthermore, Iris is responsible for Measurement, Calibration, Design and Layout.


Iris Sprow

Ursina Caluori (MSc ETH CS)

Ursina received her MSc in Computer Science from ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) in 2008 where she specialized in Computer Graphics. She finished her degree by writing her master thesis within our group in which she developed an alternative to current-established color management systems. Ursina is now working full-time in the Media Technology group.

Ursina is mainly concerned with OCR, color management and gamut mapping. She also supports the work in the psychophysical area and is the responsible teacher's assistant for the fall lectures.


Ursina Caluori

Zofia Barańczuk-Turska (PhD)

Zofia earned her BSc in Computer Science and her MSc in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw. She worked on her doctorate in our group, researching psychophysical testing methods and gamut mapping. She received her PhD from the University of Jena. She is currently working on tone mapping algorithms for HDR images.


Zofia Baranczuk-Turska

Dennis Küpper (MSc ETH CS)

After receiving his Master’s degree in Computer Graphics from ETH Zürich, Dennis joined the Empa Media Technology Lab in January 2009 as a research associate. His research interests include gamut and tone mapping, color spaces, HDR capture and display, psychovisual testing, computer graphics, audio processing, low-level programming, and efficient algorithms and data structures in general. He was also our go-to person for in-the-trenches programming questions.

On the side, he was responsible for herding our internal IT infrastructure.


Dennis Küpper

Ulrike Glavitsch (Dipl. Inf.-Ing. ETH, M.S.)

Ulrike studied Computer Science at ETH Zurich and graduated from Stanford University, USA, in 1990 with a master's degree. She worked as a software engineer for air traffic control systems at Schmid Telecom AG before joining the Speech Processing Group at ETH in 2000. From 2005 - 2010 she was scientific collaborator at the Institute of Computer Systems ETH where she was responsible for industry projects in the area of embedded operating systems. Since July 2010 she is working at EMPA Dübendorf. Her research interests are speech/video indexing, language modelling and information retrieval.


Ulrike Glavitsch

Matthias Scheller Lichtenauer (PhD)

Matthias graduated in 2008 in Computer Science at ETH Zurich with a focus on software engineering. In addition, his studies included courses in human factor design. He earned his PhD in 2013 from the University of Jena with a thesis on psychometric methods. His research work further includes imaging and analytic image processing.


List of publications

Matthias Scheller Lichtenauer

Miloš Šormaz (PhD)

Miloš Šormaz was a PhD student from May 2007 till December 2010 at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). Afterwards, he was two years a Post - Doc in our laboratory working on simulations of light scattering. He published six papers in reputed journals, two conference papers, supervised several master and bachelor theses, and was a co-author of one book chapter during his academic career. Currently, he is doing research as a freelancer.


Miloš Šormaz

Tobias Stamm (MSc ETH CS)

Originally trained as a primary school teacher, Tobias received his Master in Computer Science from the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) in 2007, specializing in computer graphics.

He developed a complete color workflow based on frequency modulated halftoning (patented), incorporating gamut mapping, separation and dot gain compensation. Furthermore, he provided the implementation of the light scattering simulation Scatter3D.

He has left our lab to found his own company, Manderim GmbH, providing software engineering services and expertise in research and development.


Tobias Stamm

Silvania Avelar (PhD)

Silvania received her M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and her Ph.D in Technical Sciences from ETH Zurich. She was a postdoctoral research fellow in EMPA and joined our group in 2009-10. Her research domain lies in the fields of computer cartography, geographic information systems, and digital image processing. She is now at ETH Zurich.


Silvania Avelar

Marcel Meili (MSc ETH CS)

Marcel was a teaching assistant in our lectures on color management in 2006 and 2007. In November 2008 he joined our group and has been working in the area of color gamut mapping algorithms and image processing.

Marcel is now at Futurelab in Winterthur.
Marcel Meili

Grzegorz Toporek (Student)

Grzegorz was supporting our project "The use of image analysis for 3-D microstructure description" during his internship at EMPA. He was pursuing his BSc in Biomedical Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakau at that time and is now a PHD student at the University of Berne.

Grzegorz Toporek

Safer Mourad (PhD)

During his PHD studies, Safer supported our group with research topics concerning colorimetry, mathematical modeling, image processing and real-time control. He took on a position at Fisba Optik AG after finishing his PHD.

Safer Mourad

Donata Faust (Mrs)

Donata worked as a secretary in our group while making her degree as a teacher in parallel.

Donata Faust

Eva Schuberth (PhD)

Eva worked with our group on her PhD thesis and was also engaged with other research projects.

Eva Schuberth

Markus Voege (PhD)

Markus used his knowledge in discrete mathematics for theoretical research in our group.

Markus Voege